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Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals, songwriting.

Employment History

3/13 - 1 /19: The Answer Band (Atlanta,  GA).  Lead / guitarist for wedding / corporate band. Heavy concentration on  Motown/ R&B, Rock / Pop.

12/06-5/12: SCF Entertainment (Atlanta, GA). Lead guitarist for all tribute bands listed below.
-Stone Cold Fox. 70's tribute act. 
-Free Ride '75. Classic Rock tribute act.
-Electric Boogaloo. 80's tribute act.
-Dock Martins. 90's tribute act.
-Rock Mafia. Live band karaoke.
-Foxxy Cleopatra. Variety party band.

7/05-10/06: Young Guns (Nashville, TN). Nationally touring road act. Hired as lead guitarist. Venues included clubs and dance halls. Performed Southern Rock, Classic Rock, Classic and Modern Country.

7/07-10/07: Chace Roberts Band (St. Paul, MN). Nationally touring Modern Country act. Hired as lead guitarist. Completed last leg of his final tour.

1997-2002: Drift (Rochester, NY). Performed Classic thru 90's rock. Performed in various clubs throughout out the Rochester area.

2/07-2/10: Retrospect Guitar Duo. (Atlanta, GA). Folk to Pop; background music for establishments.

9/03-5/05: The Vacant Halls (Atlanta, GA). Original Modern Rock act which performed at many major venues in Atlanta, including a showcase at the 2004 Atlantis Music Conference (Atlanta, GA).

5/08-3/11: Yaynoc Records (Atlanta, GA). Hired as co-writer and session player on all recordings released.

7/08 9/12: Swagger Writing Team (Los Angeles, CA). Co-writer.

2/09-Present: Freelance work as a classical guitarist.

Writing Credits

Can I Stay Yaynoc Records
Fading Yaynoc Records
She’s a Rider Yaynoc Records
Lust Hate Love InDigi Music
City Skyling InDigi Music
My Disaster InDigi Music
The Weakest InDigi Music     
When You Leave Town InDigi Music



Gibson SG Standard 
Gibson SG Special
Alvarez RD-12 acoustic
Trinity classical guitar
Marshall 1960A 4x12 cabinet   
Avatar 1x12 cabinet
Sovtek MIG 60 watt tube amplifier
Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb pedal
Boss Compressor
Boss Super Chorus
Boss Chromatic Tuner
Boss DD5 Digital Delay
Ibanez Tube Screamer pedal
Jim Dunlop Wah Wah pedal


1996-1998: Hochstein School of Music. 
1998-2002: State University of New York at Fredonia.
                            BA in Performance.